Claire L. Evans

Bipedal Multihypenate

Los Angeles

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Searching for Susy Thunder
︎ The Verge 

Artificial Animals
︎ Grow 

A Feeling For The Organism
︎ Grow

The Architecture of Computer Programming
︎ The Reboot 

The Word For Web is Forest 
︎ New_Public

The World’s First Programmable Organism
︎ Pioneer Works 

Inside Mondo 2000
︎ Document Journal 


Terraform 2022
︎ MCD x FSG Originals

Broad Band 2018
︎ Penguin Random House

High Frontiers 2013
︎ Publication Studio

New Art/Science Affinities 2011
︎ STUDIO for Creative Inquiry


Sub Versions 2021

Chain Tripping 2019

I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler 2015

Shangri-La 2011

See Mystery Lights 2009

₠, 2022

Claire L. Evans is a writer and musician exploring ecology, technology, and culture.

She is the singer of the Grammy-nominated pop group YACHT, and co-founder of VICE’s imprint for speculative fiction, Terraform. Her 2018 history of women in computing, Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet, published by Penguin Random House, has been translated into five languages.  

Her writing has appeared in VICE,, The Verge, Pioneer Works’ Broadcast, The Guardian, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Document JournalEye on Design, Quartz, OneZero, and Aeon, among others.

She has given invited talks at the Hirshhorn Museum, Walker Art Center, TEDx, La Gaité Lyrique, Google I/O, The New Museum, XOXO Festival, MUTEK, Goethe Institut, Manchester International Festival, SXSW, Gray Area, and the Decentralized Web Summit, among others.

She lives in Los Angeles, where she is an advisor to graduate design students at Art Center College of Design.

Broad Band is the Our Bodies, Ourselves for all computer users—this knowledge belongs to us. And Claire Evans tells the story like a friend who knows you get bored easily; a generous sort of brilliance.” — Miranda July
“Evans is the whole package.” — Cory Doctorow
“An insightful, intelligent observer.” — The New York Times